Well Being Workshops

5 half day workshops which focus on working creatively to enhance child well-being.

Perfect for children aged 7-9, these workshops promote positive mental health habits which can be continued throughout life.

Each ‘hands on’ session is designed to support children to understand the importance of looking after their well-being.

Using our characters ‘The Wellbeeings’ we introduce positive mental health habits to children in an engaging and accessible way.

Following the pupil workshops, we offer a parent workshop.

This will introduce the ideas developed during the sessions, so the whole family can continue to use these skills at home.

What others have said…

“We are so lucky to be left with a wealth of resources and useful tools that we use regularly in Year 3. The workshops were extremely well organised and I cannot thank both of you enough for your enthusiasm and expertise in this area. The tasks were so child friendly and put across in a fun, simplistic way that children could understand and identify with.”

Ynysfach Primary Teacher

“I have enjoyed doing them, I have found them very helpful in teaching us breathing techniques and ways to look after our well-being. They were really creative; we loved the arty activities.”

Pupils at Cilfrew Primary

“All the workshops were fantastic. They were extremely organised, resourced beautifully and so engaging for all the pupils irrespective of their ability.”

Blaengwrach Primary Teacher